Software development

For our customers we create custom-made software to support business processes. We specialize in the implementation of advanced solutions for the telecommunications industry. However, the wide competences of our team combined with a flexible approach to cooperation with clients, give us limitless opportunities to engage in various projects.

We start work on a project from a detailed analysis of the needs and expectations of the new solution. At this stage, organizations focus primarily on the correct identification of all beneficiaries, decision-makers and the identification and involvement of other departments whose input will be necessary for the implementation of the project. Throughout this time, our clients receive the necessary substantive and managerial support from us.

We carry out projects based on the specification of client requirements in combination with the analysis of needs carried out by our experts. The aim is to create software that will be delivered in the best possible version and will be developed in the future. Therefore, we remain in constant communication with our clients to respond to any changes and optimize projects at the stage of their creation.

The compliance of project implementation with documentation and the correctness of the created software is verified in Caltha by dedicated quality managers and a team of testers. We make every effort to effectively identify possible incompatibilities or bugs in the created solutions, in order to eliminate them at the earliest possible stage. We check the quality of code fragments or entire applications and automate quality assurance processes. In the long run, this approach saves our clients time and budgets.


  • Decision support systems
    • Analysis of functioning reporting solutions and source systems (e.g. billing systems, CRM, SAP)
    • Designing a logical and manual model of a data warehouse
    • Development of data mapping rules and implementation of data warehouse supply system (ETL)
    • Preparation of the Business Objects dimensional model
  • Campaign management systems
    • Specification of business requirements
    • Technical design of the solution
    • Implementation of the business logics of the system
    • Integration with external systems
  • Analytical platforms in the area of customer value management
    • Designing a data model
    • Development of power supply logic for aggregates
    • Implementation of the solution in the data warehouse environment
    • Platform performance optimization
  • Tools for conducting customer satisfaction surveys with the use of telephone and e-mail surveys
    • Development of a detailed application design on the basis of the received functional analysis document
    • Application implementation (business logic, interfaces: administrator panel, consultant panel and public client panel)
    • Integration with CRM systems (enterprise service bus), a global security system and a data warehouse as a source of orders for the campaign